Drawings and illustrations by Josh Heilaman.  For further viewing, please visit the Flickr page here: Flickr-Drawings

Hisashiburi is a series of mixed media drawings inspired by my experiences in Japan during the fall/winter of 2014. The drawings were created using watercolor, ink, marker, colored pencil and pen on rice paper attached to wood panels and vinyl records.

"Cycles" is a series of mixed media drawings and paintings from 2014. The series focuses on the repetition of cycles and changes we experience in our lives. The works within "Cylces" were created using a variety of mediums; including ink, watercolor, marker, colored pencil, and acrylic paint on rice paper, craft paper, plexi-glass and wood. Musical accompaniment was also created and can be found here: http://pandaoranda.bandcamp.com/album/cycles

"Itsumo Issho" is a series of mixed media drawings created in 2013. All of the works in the series were made using watercolor, ink, marker and pencil on rice paper scrolls.

"Oooj!" is a series of collaborative drawings by Josh Heilaman and Akane Mori from 2012. The series was created as a means for the artists to communicate while Akane was in Japan and Josh was in the United States. Using a custom box, the drawings were mailed back and forth during the process until they were complete. To create the works in this series, a variety of media was used- acrylic paint, ink, pencil and markers on 3 in. x 5 in. card stock.

"Le Travel" is a series of mixed media drawings by Josh Heilaman, 2009. All of the works featured here were created while traveling through California, Washington, Texas and Oklahoma.

"Book of Goat" is a series of drawings by Josh Heilaman from 2009.