I am proud to announce that my t-shirt shop is now open! Please visit the shop on Threadless.com – https://Joshheilaman.threadless.com/

The shop features a variety of products, from t-shirts, phone cases, skateboards, pillows and more! I’ll be adding new designs periodically. Please message me with any design requests!

Love, Nature & Enigma

“Love, Nature and Enigma” is a series of paintings inspired by my previous works from 1997 through 2013.  Within each of the 3 paintings, a composite subject depicts the most common recurring themes of my work over the last 16 years.  The forms were compiled from the various ways that I have conveyed these themes. Sorting through my older works for reference evoked many forgotten memories connected to the paintings.  The process of gathering ideas and creating this series became an exercise in personal reflection.  “Love, Nature and Enigma” serves as an emotional and creative culmination of my work that reflects my most important memories.